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Infosfera is a magazine for in-depth analysis and scientific dissemination on the topics of digital innovation and Industry 4.0.

Expression of the world of production, research and innovation, the magazine is aimed at those who need to materialize change in the field. Animated by the aim of promoting in-depth analysis of the key themes of the new digital world, the magazine hosts contributions from entrepreneurs, scientists, philosophers and economists and is a reference tool for Confindustria’s national network of Digital Innovation Hubs.

Editor-in-Chief: Edoardo Imperiale

Editorial Coordination: Cristian Fuschetto

Infosphere is biannual and has both print and digital circulation.

Infosfera No. 2/2022

Infosfera No.1/2022

Infosfera No. 2/2021

Infosfera No.1/2021

Infosfera No.1/2020