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The Campania Digital Innovation Hub – Confindustria Scarl Network is the project leader. The other PRIDE partners are “Meditech – Mediterranean Competence Center 4 Innovation” Consortium, the Cerict – Regional Center of Competence in ICT, and ICAR – Institute for Calculation and High-Performance Networks of the Cnr.

Campania Digital Innovation Hub

Campania Digital Innovation Hub SCARL is part of the national network of DIHs of Confindustria, an infrastructural innovation network aimed at coordinating the transition processes 4.0. The affiliates are Confindustria Campania (Benevento and Salerno), while Confindustria Avellino, Caserta and Naples, Ance Campania, NetGroup, TIM and WindTre, as members, will be directly involved by the Campania DIH in the P.R.I.D.E. activities.
In line with Confindustria’s vision, Campania DIH promotes the creation of the regional ecosystem of digital innovation in order to encourage technology transfer and enhancement of technical skills and digital solutions of SMEs through audit services, assessments and specialist consultancy: it identifies support and financing opportunities, and it also acts as an intermediary between the demand and supply of technologies and R&D internationalization. Therefore, Campania DIH will provide its contribution mainly in WP2 package – Development of innovation networks and ecosystems, WP5 – Fostering digitization initiatives by supporting access to European, national and regional funding, and, as coordinator, in WP1 – Project coordination and dissemination strategy.


MedITech (Mediterranean Competence Center 4 Innovation) is one of eight national Competence Centers. Operating directly with its own management structure and, in a consortium logic, through its partners, MedITech at using the Enabling Technologies of Industry 4.0 in the production of goods and services.

Meditech will contribute to the project mainly in work packages WP3-Training on the widespread use of advanced digital tools and, as lead partner, in WP4-Testing & Experimentation of basic digital innovations by activating senior experts (25 from the 8 universities and a similar amount by the 22 private partners) who will provide services on training, knowledge transfer and visioning for digital transformation, and on an equivalent number (about 50 in total) of junior and technical staff who will essentially support demonstration activities, digital technologies experimentation and technological transfer.


CeRICT Sclr (Regional Competence Center in ICT) is a research organization with the mission of satisfying the demand for RD&I and training in the ICT sector of strategic industries in the Campania Region.

Its affiliates are: Universities of Campania – Federico II, Sannio, Salerno (participating directly in PRIDE activities), Vanvitelli, Parthenope and Suor Orsola, CNR, CINI and Pascale Foundation. It has a focus on embedded systems, AI, CS, IoT, cloud computing, HPC system applications, optoelectronics, wireless systems, virtual and augmented reality. CeRICT is the regional reference for defining of ICT strategies, research and development programs, technology transfer and training projects that provide technical skills at the academic level.

CeRICT will provide its contribution in WP4-Testing & Experimentation of digital innovation based in evaluation (digital maturity, digital transformation, gap analysis), technology and knowledge transfer, and definition of digital vision goals. CeRICT will be the leader of WP3-Training on the widespread use of advanced digital tools. In particular, the University of Salerno, which is a CeRICT affiliated body, will involve its research group in the project in order to provide a contribution on skills and training services in the Al area.

National Research Council (NRC)

The National Research Council (CNR) is the largest Italian public research organization. Its task is to carry out scientific research projects in the main knowledge sectors to apply these results to the development of the country, promoting innovation, the internationalization of the “research system” and favoring the competitiveness of the industrial system.

CNR participates in the project through the Institute of High Performance Computing and Networks (ICAR), which belongs to the Department of Engineering, ICT and Technologies for Energy and Transportation (DIITET)).

ICAR’s mission is to develop research, technology transfer and advanced training in intelligent systems with complex functionality (artificial intelligence and robotics systems, knowledge representation, knowledge extraction and management, human-machine interaction, optimization) and high-performance systems (cloud computing, parallel and distributed environments, advanced Internet technologies). The Institute develops significant applications in E-health, energy, security, bioinformatics, cultural heritage public administration and smart cities.

ICAR will provide its contribution in WP4-Testing & Experimentation of Digital Innovation by involving its researchers and technologists in providing services in Artificial Intelligence, and participating in demonstration, experimentation and technology transfer activities.