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The services offered

The P.R.I.D.E. provides various services, including:

Digital transformation assessment

With the support of Industry 4.0 experts, EDIH P.R.I.D.E. guarantees companies access to the skills, know-how and services of digital transformation. The widespread laboratories, the beating heart of the partnership, allow SMEs to have a fleet of pilot systems for testing and verifying 4.0 solutions. From digital twin simulation to the potential of machine learning, through cyber risk analysis and artificial intelligence at the service of predictive monitoring: Test before investing is the tailor-made service that allows companies to examine the performance of technologically mature solutions under realistic conditions and on significant scales, before buying them.


Alongside the testing services, the project guarantees training services for SMEs and public administration by providing experts and courses on enabling technologies to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the territory. The training courses will guide SMEs to discovering the main enabling technologies, bringing them closer to understanding their potential in terms of development and attractiveness for companies of all sizes and production sectors. Artificial Intelligence, but not only: High Performance Computing and Cybersecurity are just some of the topics that our experts will address during the training sessions.

Training and development of digital skills

The project supports the digital transformation processes of SMEs and public administration through assistance and consultancy services to facilitate access to subsidized and financing tools in order to obtain investments for the digital transformation; it develops partnerships with qualified financial operators, already operating under the Invest EU program, to facilitate access to financial services and investment opportunities; it formulates acceleration programs for innovative start-ups and SMEs.

Finance for Innovation

The EDIH P.R.I.D.E. promotes the strengthening of the digital innovation ecosystem through the provision of Industry 4.0 Assessment services and digital maturity analysis, needs analysis and tailor-made 4.0 strategy with technological and organizational solutions, brokerage services, matching, networking and dissemination of the best digitization practices.