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Infosfera No. 2-21


Year II – no. 2 | November 2021

Infosfera | Magazine on innovation, technology and culture 4.0

Directed by Edoardo Imperiale and under the editorial coordination of Cristian Fuschetto

They contributed to the 2-2021 issue of Infosphere: Alison Gilliland, mayor of Dublin, Cosimo Malesci, co-founder of Fluidmesh Networks (Cisco), Gaetano Manfredi, mayor of Naples, Maria Cristina Messa, minister of research, Stefano Miotto, DIH coordinator of Confindustria Veneto, Antonio Palumbo, Head of Medium Business Market-South Italy TIM, Silvia Ramondetta, coordinator of the Digital Innovation Hub Tuscany, Carlo Ratti, director Senseable City Lab at MIT Boston, Carlo Robiglio, president Small Industry, Giancarlo Sarti, Top & Large Director of WindTre, Paolo Scudieri, president of president of ANFIA, Paolo Strangis, director of Calabria Digital Innovation Hub, Juhana Mikael Vartianien, mayor of Helsinki.